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Vivien Godbolt

A love of art, and a love for making things, came together happily in pottery evening classes in 1979; my art training had been in graphic design, but I preferred the down-to-earth physicality of clay.  Discovering Raku in 1989 gave my work impetus and direction, as I was instantly drawn to both the process and the fascinating effects that were possible.  I enjoy Raku for its contrasting qualities of quiet contemplation and fiery immediacy.  I handbuild by pinching and coiling, methods conducive to soft and rounded organic shapes, and I am inspired by natural forms and colours.  I make my pieces as much for their tactile as their visual qualities, and always seek for simplicity and harmony.  My work is becoming more sculptural, inspired by both rocks shaped by wind and water, and by the symbolism and mystery of ancient cultures.

I joined Wey Ceramics in 1990, and enjoy the benefits of artistic stimulation and technical know-how, with the bonus of good friendships.