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Sally Sparham

I started pottery classes at Surrey University and quickly became obsessed with clay.  I love the feel and texture of it and soon started making pieces for friends.  I gained an A level in 3D Art and Design at Farnham 6thth Form College and bought a wheel and kiln.

I make functional pots and work mainly in porcelain and stoneware and my pieces range from small porcelain bowls to large stoneware planters.  To me the best part of the process is making, whether it be hand building or throwing. I work in stoneware and fire my work in an electric kiln to 1250 0C.

My other love is for gardening and I like to combine the two if I can. My inspiration comes from nature and  includes plants, seeds and seed heads.

I have been an exhibiting member since 2002

Sally Sparham