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Martin Tyler

I love expressing myself through working with clay by hand and on the potter’s wheel. Each piece is hand-made, glazed and decorated, making it a unique piece of art. I make reduction-fired, wheel-thrown and press-moulded stoneware. I trained in Farnham under renowned potters Henry Hammond and Paul Barron and then pursued a teaching career during which time I maintained my own studio.

I am now focusing on making and exhibiting my own work. I make my glazes from natural materials including local clay and wood ash. Pots are glazed while still damp and fired just once to 1280°C. Decoration makes use of sgraffito, paper and brushwork resist, combing and sprigging and colour is often introduced through the use of clay slips. I have always drawn and painted as well as potted and use sketchbooks filled over the last 45 years in the studio to develop decoration and to refer to sources of ideas.