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Mike Bush

Most of my work uses stoneware clay, fired to cone 8, in electric kilns. I enjoy formulating my own glazes and usually apply them by brushing. My early background as a research chemist might help in this respect, but often it seems the results are determined by gremlins in the kiln or the phase of the moon!

The pots I like making have simple, clean lines and I try to ensure that the form of the pot and the type of glaze are mutually complimentary. I do very little hand-applied decoration, preferring the glazes to do the job in their own unique ways.

Most of my work is thrown on the wheel as this gives a sense of satisfaction in its own right. But, occasionally, I will have a spell hand-building from slabs to afford forms not possible otherwise. Altering the shape of thrown pots when they are still soft can be fun as well.