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My arts background goes back to the mid/late 1970s when I obtained a first class degree in Fine Art at the West Surrey College of Art & Design. I began making pots in 1990 by joining West Street Potters and had twelve very useful and productive years with them before I left in 2002. Almost all the glazes I use on my pots are ash celadons, and I have two recipes that I use more than any others; one produces the 'Chun' blue, the other is a green, all of course depending on the ash used. All my pots are reduction fired to 1280 C. I make pots to be functional as well as, I hope, beautiful, and like to think that those who buy them use them on a daily basis. In 2002 I joined the Surrey Guild Craft Shop & Gallery in Milford. In 2003 I became a member of the Wey Ceramics Society, and in July of the same year was accepted as an exhibiting member of the Surrey Guild of Craftsmen.

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