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I have been making pots since the mid 1960’s when I was a student of Denis Moore and Michael Buckland at Green Dene Craft Pottery in Surrey. Denis was an inspiration and I much admired his wonderful and individual Sang de Boeuf pots which influenced my work. During a visit to Japan I met Atsuya Hamada who had worked with Denis and on a further visit met with his family and saw the opening of the great climbing kiln revealing very fine pots in the family tradition.


I was also influenced by the ash glazes of Kathleen Pleydell-Bouverie and by the work of various potters including David Leach, Eric Mellow, Peter Haynes, Clive Bowen, Sven Bayer and Paul Jackson.


Since I moved to Essex in 1999 and rebuilt my gas fired kiln I have been able to further develop my work. My own pots, which are often decorated with complex Sang de Boeuf and raw ash glazes now result in a wide range of variations which I enjoy. The glazes require a very high temperature in a heavy reduction atmosphere during the firing process

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